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 Play it safe. Hedge your bets. There are no guarantees. These are things we’ve all likely heard or even said before.

But what if you did the opposite? Take a chance. Go all-in. Make your own guarantees. Live with Confidence.

To us, living with confidence is using the tools at your disposal to overcome challenges we all face, whether it’s getting over stage fright, bouncing back from a mistake or taking a leap – physically or otherwise. And speaking of tools, Zippo’s got an entire arsenal that you can keep on-hand so you’re ready for anything.

Providing the world’s most reliable products is our passion. From the iconic, guaranteed-for-life windproof lighter to fool-proof fire starters, Zippo keeps you out of the cold and out of the dark with products that work when they’re needed – and having that confidence lets you take on whatever life throws at you.

We're not all war heroes or stuntwomen. Not everyone faces high stakes every day. But confidence in everyday situations translates to confidence when it counts. And we're confident we can help.